Things I think should be added or changed in the game.

The option to play how I want to play it, turning off aspects I don't want in the game, such as spies.

Elimination of vague things the AI leaders say at times.

Vague message (CivBE)

Say what? What does that mean exactly? Are you the legalize marijuana faction?

If I catch and kill a spy, and contact them about it, then they shouldn't call me first thing next turn to complain about me killing their spy and commenting on how hard expensive they are to train.

On some tiles, miasma is hard to see. Maybe most people have a bigger monitor than me with higher definition, I don't know.

There should be a way to name the leader and my cities as I see fit. Giving them foreign names I can't pronounce or remember, makes it hard to keep track of which is which.

Don't ever show the Next Turn thing, until every single unit that has a move left has moved. I have units that miss their turn if I'm not looking around checking every single one out there.

A production screen showing what all the bases are producing.

Quests that don't involve building something in a specific city that requires a mineral that city does not have in any of its working tiles! My capital is suppose to build a petroleum well, because there is some oil off in the ocean to the left of it. But no tile extends that far, nor am I able to buy that tile. Its been there for a hundred turns now. Also, I can not build a neurolab, or whatever it is, in a city that doesn't have firaxis deposits near it at all, since you need that ingredient to produce the facility they want.

I hate the automatic scrolling. I do something at a base or with a unit, it jerks the view off to some distant area instantly. When I have two ships fighting a unit, and I fire one, I want to stay and move the next ship, not have the screen moved off to the other side of the world. Just let me push the tab button to scroll to the next thing when I decide to.

  • Update, there is something in the options menu to disable automatic scrolling.