Crappy Hostile Leaders Organization (CHLO)

I swear, most of the leaders from Civ 5 have it out for me. About my 9th game, George Washington became my first ever friend. I could be friendly with people, but they NEVER wanted to be friends. Finally, Washington goes to war with Siam. I'm friendly with Siam, and and So I build a road from me to Siam, under the guise of peaceful trading. I guess they thought we were trading catapults and swordsmen for banannas. Anyway, before, Washington got mad at me for settling near him. I said, "Oh gee I most certainly WILL NOT do that anymore, Mr. Washington!

And then I took Siam's first city. I annexed it, with plans to give it for nothing to Washinington. But before I oculd, he says...

"I see your promise not to settle near me was merely empty words. You will pay for this later."

So now I lost my ally. Darn you, CHLO!!!

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