Greetings, Sid Meier's Civilization fans!

In the days of ancient civilizations, videogame information was shared in the form of manuals printed on clay tablets or hieroglyphics on papyrus scrolls. Then later, monks would sit at desks and write out videogame facts until the printing press was invented. And now, we are in a new era, where videogame information lives on the Internet, and thousands of players like you can add or edit or change or annotate information on Civ.

Civ fans are, without a doubt, the best teachers and experts on how to play Civilization. This project with Wikia represents a chance for you, the real experts at Civ, to share your knowledge with each other, new players, and with the world. This is the Great Library or National University of Civilization! It is a World Wonder that belongs to no one Civ, but to everyone on the Internet. We want to encourage you to get involved in this Wiki, to create pages, edit content, add your experiences and knowledge of strategies, and discuss it with fellow Civ players. We know that Civ is a game with a ton of information, and we know that you are the best people to help the world learn about Civ.

Go forth now and build a wiki that will stand the test of time!

-Firaxis Games

Firaxis Games