What has civilization done for me? Well a lot actually. Besides providing hours and hours of entertainment (according to steamI'm now up to 326 hours in Civ 5, not to mention the countless hours I spent playing


Civ 2- 4 before the advent of steam) Civ has helped decide the course of my life. I sometimes sarcastically claim that everything I know about religion and history I learned from video games. But the more I look at this statement the more I realize how true it is. Now Civ alone doesn't deserve all the credit many other excellent games based in history helped me too, but the Civilization series is by far the most important. I have spent a lot of time browsing the civilopedia, not only to improve my game but to learn a lot about the things I am doing in game. I'm planning on attending seminary when I get out of college and I can trace my love of studying religion back to civilization 4 when the Christianity video played. Not impressive I know but it made a huge impact on me and since then I can't get enough of religion. So civ has done wonders for me. Not only do I get to play as the Shinto Assyrian Empire, but I also have had the wonderful blessing of knowledge. It would be impossible to take a look at my life minus Civ.