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  • Italay90

    As well as being on sale on itunes, Civilization Revolution for iPad and iPhone now has multiplayer features, and many new features listed below:

    "- Multiplayer Now Available: Challenge your friends for Civ supremacy with 2 different multiplayer modes!

    - New Mediterranean Units & Buildings: Brand new units and buildings for the Arabs, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

    - New Asian Units & Buildings: Brand new units and buildings for the Chinese, Japanese, Mongols, and Indians.

    - New European Units & Buildings: Brand new units and buildings for the English, French, German and Spanish.

    - New Expansionist Units & Building: Brand new units and buildings for the Americans, Aztecs, Russians and Zulus

    - New Wonders: 4 brand new wonders

    - Civilization Master…

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  • Italay90

    Although this wiki is just reaching 2,600 pages, I think that we have what it takes to reach 3,000 pages! I am quite new to the wiki but I have fallen in love with the dedication and passion that many of you have. Click here to see all pages which have not been made!

    You may think that the wiki can't do any more pages, but there is a entire civ game which is hardly included! You may have forgotton Civilization Revolution- with such a large game, I feel that we should use it to reach 3,000 pages! As well as that, the release of the new Civilization V expansion - Gods and Kings is just around the corner!

    If you weren't aware of Civilization revolution then read on.

    Civilization Revolution is on iOS, mobile, tablet, PS3, XBOX360 and more. Pricing r…

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  • Italay90

    Nearly 3,000 pages!

    June 4, 2012 by Italay90

    I have recently been contributing to the wiki, and I have realized that we are nearing 3,000 pages (although we are only at around 2,600) I am sure with extra effort we can try and make this wiki even larger. I simply wish to say thank you to all those hard working contributors for making this wiki what it is today! Also I have been adding lots of Civilization 5, Gods and Kings pages, most images I have gotten are from the 2k forums this page on this page.

    Italay90 11:51, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

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