To celebrate the first full month of Civilization: Beyond Earth's availability, we're delving deep into the Harmony Affinity with a look at how the affinity works, the bonuses associated with it, and some high quality concept art of Harmony units. Check out the goods below!

Harmony Concept Art

Affinities Super Walkthrough

Harmony Overview

(Information taken from the Harmony article page)

Harmony (CivBE) Harmony is one of the three affinities in Civilization: Beyond Earth. Instead of changing an alien world to suit them, they instead alter their own DNA with various traits from the local wildlife in order to be able to survive there. Ultimately, most Harmony purists seek to build a biotechnological construct which will, through the use of specialized nanites, eventually link all organisms with brains on the planet into one massive compound intelligence on par with a god. They are able to have alien creatures as units and specialize in rapid movement and the use of the planet's terrain and natural features in their military affairs. Their chosen resource specialization is 20xXenomassBE Xenomass.

Harmony bonuses

Points Unlocks
Harmony (CivBE) 1 Alien aggression levels return to normal twice as quickly.
Harmony (CivBE) 3 Units take 5 less damage while standing in Miasma.
Harmony (CivBE) 6 Units heal by 5 points while standing in Miasma.
Harmony (CivBE) 8 4 free 20xXenomassBE Xenomass stockpiles.
Harmony (CivBE) 11 Allow for the use of the "Worm Caller" Covert Operation, summoning three Siege Worms into the vicinity of a chosen enemy city.
Harmony (CivBE) 13 Allows for Harmony to construct the Mind Flower and its Mind Stems in order to prepare for ascension.

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