It's hard to believe there is just a little over 24 hours between us and Firaxis' latest 4X spectacular, Civilization: Beyond Earth. Keep busy and get in the Civilization spirit with the following links, information, and video!

  • Fans looking to adorn their Social Media profiles with a bit of BE flair need look no further than this imgur link, featuring a number of images for both Facebook and Twitter profiles -- banner images showcasing the game's sponsor leaders, as well as avatars for each.
Here's a sample, showcasing People's African Union leader Samatar Jama Barre:


  • Big news regarding an official celebratory livestream event on October 24th. Here's the official word from the Civilization Facebook:

#BeyondEarth launches October 24 and we're celebrating with a global livestream event - 3 separate streams, each across the same saved game. Join us tomorrow, October 23, starting at 8AM Pacific/11AM Eastern/5PM Central European, just before the game unlocks in Australia and New Zealand!

Follow Firaxis Games on Twitch for more information.

Firaxicon Panel The Great Mistake in Civilization Beyond Earth35:18

Firaxicon Panel The Great Mistake in Civilization Beyond Earth

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