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  • MeepTMW

    CONCEPT: Rogue Planetfall

    October 23, 2015 by MeepTMW

    I have really felt that Civilization has needed alien sponsors once more. Specifically, two. That hate eachother. I present to you, spiritual successors to the aliens of the Sixth Manifold, as well as two new victory types.

    Once one sponsor has met all Sponsors in the game, that sponsor forms a Planetary Panel. The planetary panel allows global laws to be put in place, such as:

    -          Change in Production cost of units or buildings

    -          Bonuses for sponsors with a certain Affinity: amounts vary for the level of Affinity obtained

    -          Sanctions on certain Stations, cities or entire sponsors

    -          Combat bonuses against aliens

    -          Monuments

    Monuments are PP’s version of Civilization V Projects. They do not use City Development…

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  • MeepTMW

    Guide: BE:RT Army Structure

    October 18, 2015 by MeepTMW

    By MeepTMW

    Hi! I'm MeepTMW, a fairly new editor here at Civilization Wiki, but a long time SMAC and Beyond Earth player. I've also played Civilization V a lot, but have falled in love with the science fiction here again. I've helped develop unit-based pages for Beyond Earth with nice pictures and useful information as well as a little bit of strategy here and there. After realising that wiki pages are usually better to be non-biased and contain mostly factual ideas, I'm building a guide here for what I see as the strategies of Beyond Earth.

    Note that this guide is intended for Rising Tide users - BERT (Its abbreviation) is an overhaul of the existing game and gives it far more substance than the vanilla game.

    So, you've made planetfall. You cou…

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