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    I have created a Masterlist on all Civilization nations.

    Basically, it is like this:

    Nation Leaders Wonders in Nation Unique Unit Unique Building Unique Improvement General Capital

    So, as an example I will use Inca:

    Inca (Civ 3,4,5)

    Pachacuti (Civ 3,5), Huayna Capac (Civ 4)

    Cristo Redentor (Civ 4,5), Machu Picchu (Civ 5)

    Chasqui Scout (Civ 3), Quechua (Civ 4), Slinger (Civ 5)

    Terrace (Civ 4)

    Terrace Farm (Civ 5)

    Cuzco (Civ 3,4,5)

    If you want an edit, you can either tell me the edits or give me your e-mail so you can edit.

    MudKiip says, "Heyheyhey." 16:56, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

    EDIT: Im stupid.


    MudKiip says, "Heyheyhey." 18:00, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • MudKiip

    I dunno, just because.

    I just have so many categories, so I have decided, y'know, make myself the king of categories. For the lulz.

    Well, bye y'all. I gotta get to 1500 categories.

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  • MudKiip


    July 18, 2011 by MudKiip

    As of the date, Monday, July 18th 2011, only 6 people have added 100 categories to pages. Of these 6, only half have added 250. Only one person has gotten the achievement badges for 500, 750, and 1000 categories.

    Yet some people have done at least 500 edits since the badges came, only I have done 500 categories, let alone 1000. Which is sad because I joined sometimes earlier this week. Together we can link the world of Civilization Wiki as one... or something.

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  • MudKiip

    Grey is boring.

    July 15, 2011 by MudKiip

    Is there any way we can spruce up the background, make it more Civilization-like?

    MudKiip says, "Heyheyhey." 20:52, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

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  • MudKiip

    OK, so I'm playing C3C as the Celts. The scenario: TETurkham's Test of Time. The civilizations are the Celts, the French, the Engish, the Romans, the Carthaginians, the Arabs, the Zulu, the Mongols (lucky b---- is the only country in Asia), and the Incans (only person in both Americas GRR).

    Turn 1: Munich gets a Warrior. The French city of Toulouse is completely unguarded, so I say "Let's kill the French." A couple of turns later and Toulouse and Orleans are razed. By turn 7, France is gone. OR SO I THOUGHT. Thanks a lot, France gets respawn where Seoul is supposed to be. I guess that may stop the Mongols from controlling two-thirds of Eurasia.

    Turn 20 or so: FINALLY!!! GALLIC SWORDSMAN!!!! I got it so early due to double production. "Wow, R…

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