I have created a Masterlist on all Civilization nations.

Basically, it is like this:

Nation Leaders Wonders in Nation Unique Unit Unique Building Unique Improvement General Capital

So, as an example I will use Inca:

Inca (Civ 3,4,5)

Pachacuti (Civ 3,5), Huayna Capac (Civ 4)

Cristo Redentor (Civ 4,5), Machu Picchu (Civ 5)

Chasqui Scout (Civ 3), Quechua (Civ 4), Slinger (Civ 5)

Terrace (Civ 4)

Terrace Farm (Civ 5)

Cuzco (Civ 3,4,5)

If you want an edit, you can either tell me the edits or give me your e-mail so you can edit.

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EDIT: Im stupid.


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