Spanish Conquistadors

MudKiip July 14, 2011 User blog:MudKiip

Well, I was just playing C3C and I beat the crap out of Portugal's Medieval Infantry with a couple Conquistadors. Man, Evora and Braga were not defended, seriously, it was SO easy to get in. I did lose New Madrid and almost lost Mycenae which I got from the Greeks. Lisbon was also an easy take-over; the best unit protecting it was an ARCHER. My Musketmen and Conquistadors destroyed. Celts were frikking annoying; Entremont was SO HEAVILY GUARDED. Eventually, I went for, one of the ones with a really long name that ends in 'ium'. I never met Scandinavia, though. Probably because I'm in Finland on the huge Europe map, and Scandinavia starts where Gidraltar is. Pfff.

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