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    My next goal

    May 28, 2014 by Mythril Wyrm

    Having revised all of the Civilization V leader and civilization pages for grammar, style, and complete Civilopedia entries and done the same for almost all of the unit, building, and technology pages, I've started adding more detailed descriptions to the pages of the Civilization IV leaders. These descriptions will include a General Info section with unique units, unique buildings, starting technologies, musical theme (if known), and some historical and in-game tidbits about the leader, an AI Behaviors and a Civilopedia Entry section with information taken from , and a Trivia section (if applicable). If anyone has any further suggestions for sections to add, don't hesitate to share them.

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  • Mythril Wyrm

    For all those who may be curious, my current agenda is to make sure that all of the relevant Civilization V entries include information taken verbatim from Civilopedia. The site from which I've been getting my information is as follows:


    To this end, I have also been editing or reverting any changes to these entries other than grammatical or punctuation fixes so that they will be fully consistent with the information given in Civilopedia. If it's acceptable to edit the entries based on current events, please let me know and I'll let the changes stand.

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