I really enjoy the quotes on BE from the sponsors everytime a wonder or a technology was announced. I added the quotes that game from the actual leaders onto the leader pages. However several of these quotes were not made by these leaders.

I am going to take a little break from BERT and this wiki. I figured I would put this out there if anyone wanted to mess with it. Enjoy.

I am thinking we could eventually create a quote page. Maybe even spin some of the sources into separate pages. Not sure what a good name could be.

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Here are the quotes not with leaders.

or Wonder
Quote Source
New Terran Myth "'Rise up, O people,' said the Lord of Cosmos. 'I shall lead you to many gardens.' And the people took their place among the stars with great rejoicing."
The Exodus Sutra I:2
Promethean "Anansi looked at the man's genome and said: 'Messy! Messy! Who can live like this?' He took a broom and swept up the genome, and when the man woke up, he felt much better."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Gene Vault "The five mythical creatures of Earth are: The dragon, the unicorn, the griffin, the llama, and the chimera."
Ganesh Edmin, Lists of Prehistory
Stellar Codex "Maui and Hina, having seen all the oceans of Earth, raised their eyes to new oceans, where they still sail."
Nainoa Charles, Neowayfinders of Polystralia
Ectogenesis Pod “I bring forth myself; I shall be the ever-born and the never-dead.”
The Exodus Sutra II
Holon Chamber "'Well, mebbe you ain't heated it enough yet,' said Paul Bunyan, and he took the plasma out of the hohlraum, rubbed it hard between his hands until the Aleph-field de-resolved itself, and put it back in the Holon Chamber. 'I reckon that'll be warm enough to dry your boots,' he said."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Crawler "John Henry smiled at the Crawler and he said: 'Sure, you can move a lot of dirt, but let's see who gets to the Mohorovicic discontinuity first.' And he picked up his shovel and waited for the starting gun."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Abyssal Mirror "When Paul Bunyan died, they buried him at sea. But the little fishes fed on his body and turned into sea dragons, and the squid drank his blood and turned into krakens, and Anansi stole one of Paul’s eyeballs to look at the stars."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Guo Pu Yaolan "Miracles are the Divine made manifest in through man’s work. You set to make a warehouse. God Himself has made it a cathedral to His glory through your unseeing eyes, unwilling hands, and unwitting craft."
Thakurite Epistles 6:2-4
Habitation "We once believed that our destiny was controlled by the Gods. As we learned more about nature, we changed our minds. Now that we control our destiny, let us hope they never change back."
Ecology "When Coyote learned he was the only one of his kind on the new planet, his howl echoed through the rifts and off the distant hills."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Bionics "If you listen at night, you can sometimes hear Casey Jones, the Wabash Cannonball, with his iron legs still running a mile a minute!"
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Bioengineering "If it's a sin to 'play God,' then why would He leave His tools lying around?"
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Alien Genetics "Maid of chitin, storm and lightning, how's your garden grow? Miasma mist and beetle hiss and Siege Worms in a row."
Traditional colonial children's rhyme
Synthetic Thought "Turingschande: Noun. Shame felt upon discovering one has mistaken an artificial intelligence for a close relation."
Dictionary of Colonial Idioms v.1.39
Alien Materials "Floatstone beat Anansi and Coyote at poker, and won the right to leave the ground. But Floatstone forgot to ask for wings to fly, and so it just sort of hangs around feeling sorry for itself."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories
Geoscaping "The five oceans of Earth are: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Titanic, the Arctic and the Indian."
Ganesh Edmin, Lists of Prehistory
Seismic Induction "John Henry pulled out two 5-pound nano-oscillators, one for each side of the fault. They shook and shook, the earth trembling everywhere. Half an hour later, John Henry had shook himself up a mountain, while the industrial engineers had only managed a tiny hill."
The Uncle Nevercloned Stories