I am certainly no stranger to wikis, and I know they expand in bursts of activity, with huge lulls of time in between. I can not sustain this activity because of my personal life. I figure I would write a few suggestions of things, I don't have time or simply do not know how to do, of suggested changes and maybe a few different people will do one or two bullet points. I do plan on staying off this site at least until Rising Tide is released. Hopefully, I will have more time to work on this site. That being said, when the expansion is released, why in the heck would I spend my free time here. I should be playing the game.

  • Icons. Go to [1]. Download from the site all the unit icons, and add them to each unit pages.
  • As for all the infoboxes, considering the fact that the original icons are white, and mobile viewers see this site in white, infoboxes should when it comes to images, have dark backgrounds just for the icon.
  • Create a template like {{BNW}} for things introduced in Rising Tide. Done by me.
  • Now someone needs to apply the template to all appropriate pages.