Queen Armada

aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
  • Queen Armada

    Civilizations is ok but it lacks any action and could be made into scenes as a shooter.Action game.I am a powerful civilization and use Americans or Japanese and I nuclear bomb the Germans and Mongolians.And I invasion the British and tank infantry them off the map to surrender.I am good at powering up my civilization readying it for war.When I have bought enough time with the primitive armaments then I utilize the modern one and grow them to win.It ends too quick on playstation and nintendo.And the maps could show a planet view like on yahoo maps but in game.And to choose your own troops would be good as to buying as in Ace Combat different weapons to fit and variety of military hardware to buy.Choose your own character or make ones up.Th…

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