Blogs are a relatively new feature of Wikia. I'm not yet familiar with the system!

Anyway, I really discovered C-evo a couple of weeks ago (after seeing an earlier version, I think, before it had developed into the user-friendly appealing game it is now).

  • NOT a clone of Civ2 but its topography (tile names and what you get from them) is (deliberately) similar.
  • Tech tree has some distinct differences (e.g. Iron Working requires Invention, not the other way around) and the "Future" techs are in four groups and actually do something for your nation rather than adding "points" (and there isn't a points system).
  • Units - only eight are pre-designed; five have some (small) attack capability; you design other military units using factors you have acquired (through advances) such as strength and mobility.
  • Wonders have quite different uses from those of Civ2 in some cases, and if you get and keep the big one, Eiffel Tower, none of your Wonders will expire (which is very valuable if you have, for example, the Lighthouse and several coastal cities because each ocean tile gets a bonus "material" - the equivalent of "resource").

Read the guide and give it a go! In-game info about almost anything is available with Shift+Click.

Robin Patterson (Talk) 01:27, December 12, 2009 (UTC)