Off-topic but related to Sid Meier, who was responsible for the original Railroad Tycoon. Good imitation called FreeRails is on SourceForge but has apparently stalled since 2006. A pity - it's already almost as good as the original except for unfriendly aspects of user-interface. Track is not clear enough and there's no indication of where you have doubled track. Stations on the map should be openable with just a click. Newly-built trains should not default to the same 4 or 5 stations as the last one had. There should be signal towers or whatever, for turning trains.

Downloaded onto my laptop. Looked at the menus. By the time I found the "Pause" key the game had run on for 5 "months". Not to worry! Then I tried to move the viewing position and found that I was building expensive tunnels through the northern Andes. Eventually built some proper lines and stations and trains and started making a profit. But after about 18 "years" the game slowed to less than a crawl. I couldn't get anything to respond. So I switched to another window. A while later I returned and saw that it had staggered on for a couple more years but was again not responding. Four hours later it had crept on another 20 years and I had $10,000,000 in the kitty, but I couldn't do anything with it, not even "Save". So I applied Ctrl+Alt+Del, which worked.

As I said on its mailing list 4 years ago, it will need to fix a few things before I spend much more time with it.

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