It's the 19th century and steam engines are really useful in putting railroads through forests etc (but not swamps). You and six other Great Powers of Europe share a map (possibly nothing like Europe) with 16 Minor Nations. Spinning Jenny works not in a factory but out in the fields increasing cotton and wool production.

Conquering other nations may get you a win, but the official way to win Imperialism is to get the votes of a majority of about 120 provincial governors. Diplomacy and efficient manufacturing and trade discounts are more likely to win for you when the council convenes.


Railroad Tycoon (but turn-based and with no visible train operation) and
Civilization (with more diplomacy and lots more products to harvest or create and sell) and
Colonization (with fewer terrain types but more products, and outputting not two or three tons but one ton for every two you put in)

- reworked; very nicely.

OK, you have to run it in Windows 95 mode, but that's no great hardship.

I love it.

History of my first "normal" game:

Possible map cheats

Gamespot has a page with ideas for manipulating the map. They don't work for me. Here's the link with an extract:

Map Codes

Start a new game, press [Ctrl] and click on the globe. Then, enter one of the following map codes to start a game with the corresponding features:

Dune Almost All Desert and Tundra Maps
ScotlandAlmost All Hills Maps
051195All Nations Start With Lots Of Resources Except Purple Nation

New wiki

By popular demand (i.e. suggestions from two respected editors here) I've started a separate Imperialism Game Wiki. It can have the same relationship to this wiki as Freeciv has - i.e. pages linking to its matching pages.