• Sneak+stab

    Taking Tyre

    March 15, 2012 by Sneak+stab

    Today, I tried to take a city state.

    It was a side theater to my larger war against the Aztecs, I figured that it would fall like the rest of the domino cities in the region.

    So wrong

    Firstly, the Aztecs were in the Renaissance, I was in the late Industrial. My Infantry were wiping the floor against their Crossbowmen and Longswordsmen with Cannon support, even though the Artillery was lagging two or three tiles behind the front. As I approached the city of Tyre, a longtime ally of the Aztecs, they declared war on me. I sent two Infantry and an Artillery to take the city, which was one Infantry more than my usual tactics called for.

    Now, Tyre was rather secluded from the Aztecs, on the other side of three tiles of unclaimed Plains Forest. The w…

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