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Religion is making a return to Civilization in Gods and Kings. Players will be able to construct shrines and even have prophets. When founding a religion, players get to pick beliefs, which provide bonuses to many different areas.
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Espionage will allow for spy units to invade other countries to steal information, rig elections, and to even allow for coups. A coup is very risky, but will have massive rewards.
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There will be two new City-State types: the Mercantile and Religious City-States. Religious City-States will have more Faith points, and Mercantile City-States will have access to exclusive goods.

Combat will be based off of a 100 point system as opposed to the 10 point system it was on previously. This will allow for a slower and more flexible combat. Naval units will now be both ranged and melee, allowing ships to raid and capture other ships and coastal towns.