aka Prima Dezz, *WARLORD*

  • I live in Federalist Unitary Khaganate of Dutertestan
  • My occupation is Ork Sniper
  • I am amused at your reactions to my reactions to your idiotic shenanigans
  • Temporaryeditor78

    at its very core beyond earth is, no denying it, a hyperredressed civ v. this post is just a repository of my personal observations to make the transition between the two games easier by mapping the corresponding similarities. sometimes it's just terminology change, sometimes it's a bit more complicated.

    very much halfassed a WIP and i don't even know if i'll finish this. 2 victories in between realworld stuff and i'm still learning things. some choices are rather debatable, i'm open to feedback, but let me reiterate: this is a personal observation piece and not meant to be taken as completely accurate.

    refs: this wiki's lists of _____.

    civ V beyond earth notes (BE slanted)
    gold energy gold is also a resource in BE, but not the main currency

    Read more >

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