at its very core beyond earth is, no denying it, a hyperredressed civ v. this post is just a repository of my personal observations to make the transition between the two games easier by mapping the corresponding similarities. sometimes it's just terminology change, sometimes it's a bit more complicated.

very much halfassed a WIP and i don't even know if i'll finish this. 2 victories in between realworld stuff and i'm still learning things. some choices are rather debatable, i'm open to feedback, but let me reiterate: this is a personal observation piece and not meant to be taken as completely accurate.

refs: this wiki's lists of _____.


civ V beyond earth notes (BE slanted)
gold energy gold is also a resource in BE, but not the main currency
happiness health no more golden ages in BE
culture same damn things
denounce condemn
declaration of friendship cooperation agreement
defensive pact alliance
social policies virtues tweaked execution, same in spirit


civ V beyond earth notes (BE slanted)
worker/workboat worker streamlined. BE workers can modify ocean tiles while embarked.
settler colonist
cargo ship trade vessel
caravan trade convoy
archaeologist/scout explorer explorer = earlygame scout + archaeologist artifact digging
warrior soldier
archer ranger
catapult missile rover
horseman combat rover
galleass/dromon gunboat earliest BE vessel has range attack and no ocean restrictions
triplane tacjet 6 eras for triplane, 3 technologies for tacjet
giant death robot angel direct expy. the other two are either organic or not a walker.


civ V beyond earth notes (BE slanted)
monument old earth relic
harbor/caravansary trade depot instead of additional trading distance, depot = +2 trade routes per city
forge repair facility no more combat bonuses from closest barracks analogue; repair facility is strictly production only
library clinic/laboratory

clinic = essentially lib plus happiness minus 1 science point, starter science building

lab = closer to the lib in stats and spirit but farther down the tech web

science bonus per 2 citizens removed in either case

stock exchange thorium reactor thorium reactor = early-game energy farm compared to stock exchange
granary vivarium no +1 food from vivaria per additional food resource
water mill water refinery
walls defense perimeter BE walls now have maintenance costs
castle command center
military base node banks equally far down the tech trees/webs
railroad magrails BE road no longer requires research


civ V beyond earth notes (BE slanted)
oil petroleum
oil well petroleum well
iron titanium because iron ain't hard enough
horses resilin/chitin
bananas tubers
fish algae
stone basalt
trading post generator