Brave New World, the second official expansion pack for Civilization V, brings forth plenty of exciting changes to the popular turn-based strategy series. Nine new Civilizations have been added, eight new Wonders, two new scenarios including the American Civil War and Scramble for Africa, trade routes, ideologies, and a World Congress which helps expand the diplomatic aspect of the game. The expansion pack also expands upon all other added mechanics from the first expansion pack, Gods & Kings

The game released today and the reviews are in! Will you be purchasing the new expansion? What do you think of the new features and the gameplay tweaks? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Loved It



"Brave New World taps into some of the darkest chapters of the long and storied history of our species, but presents them with respect, reverence, and a distinct sense of optimism for our uncertain future. This expansion is a fantastic accomplishment, and one that finally fulfills all of the potential of this chapter of the series". 



"This is the most fun I’ve had with Civilization since Civ IV, and the best late-game since Civ II. Brave New World is the rare case of a title delivering exactly what it promises"

Game Informer


"I have few complaints about this second and final expansion to Civilization V. My favorite game in recent years is better than ever thanks to Brave New World. The way Firaxis has fleshed out the thin areas of the game without screwing up the many things it does right is impressive. Peaceful no longer means passive."

PC Gamer


"The last few herbs and spices that Civ V’s epic stew was missing. A recipe for hundreds of hours more delicious turn-based strategy."



"Brave New World might not feel incredibly new or brave, but it's an impressive expansion that any Civilization V fan should enjoy"

Thought it was OK



Sometimes Civ V feels like it’s on autopilot, which isn’t the hallmark of a strategy game worth your time.

Hated It

No less-than-middling reviews for Civilization V: Brave New World have been received yet.

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