• TheReppy

    Hello! It's been a while since I've been on this wiki. I checked the Rhyes and Fall of Civilization article only to find, much to my dissapointment, a huge lack of information. This mod is one of the most complex, impressive, and truly great examples of it's kind. Anyone else think a whole series of articles in a Rhyes and Fall of Civilization category would be good? I'd enjoy seeing more than 1 paragraph on the article, people actually caring about how it's marked as a stub, and (to top it off) a whole lot of links to other RFC articles. Here are a few Rhyes and Fall of Civilization article ideas!


    Historical Victory


    Technology Changes in RFC

    Also, besides RFC, there seems to be little information on other mods too, which annoy…

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  • TheReppy

    This is the long story of a game with only two great nations: The Macedonian Empire and the Incan Empire. It is a complete fiction and should not be used for your high school history report, especally not the ones where a whole crowd is watching. The format is a timeline.

    4000 BC: The Capacian tribes unite diplomatically and settle down by the Rugged River, dawning the Incan civilization.

    3750 BC: The Macedonian tribes settle down on the cold, rough Marble Hill. The hills were built for crafting buildings and weaponry.

    3600 BC: The Macedonians raid a Greek Camp, stealing mountains of gold coins.

    3550 BC: The oversized "gang" of camp raiders is hired as a Macedonian Police force.

    3450 BC: The Incans discoverer the Macedonians, who announce peace…

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