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  • Thomas68

    Latin America

    April 3, 2013 by Thomas68

    Brave New World is announced, they added Pedro II of Brazil as new civ. Only Brazil (and DLC Inca) in Latin America? I wish they added Che of Argentine and Bolivar of Gran Colombia. So there will be more powerful nations from South America. It would be nice to see Che (and Gandhi) in a game.

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  • Thomas68

    Don't stop hoping II

    July 9, 2012 by Thomas68

    >>>Sorry for the Bad Grammar!! Impi (Spearman )</u>

    Cost : 56

    Strength : 11

    Movement : 3

    Require : Bronze Working

    A fast Spearman. Extra +1 Movement and have ability to ignore terrain movement cost. Can move after attacking, so they have a (little) chance to runaway.

    Figure out that Impi don't have any bonuses on Strength, but on "Agility", the Impi can fooled any enemy unit while in forest or hill, make it difficult to chase them in those terrains.

    > Umpakati (Archer )

    Cost : 70

    Strength : 8

    Movement : 2

    Range Strength : 7

    Range : 2

    Require : Archery

    It javelin-throwing unit like Pakal's Atlatlist. But this one is more powerful, have more Non-Ranged strength than archer, so it can't be easily killed. |- |> UNIQUE BUILDING : None |- | > UNIQUE ABILITY :


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  • Thomas68

    Don't stop hoping

    June 14, 2012 by Thomas68

    !(Sorry for the bad grammars)!

    The first Civ V Expansion Pack is almost release, the good news said that the Religion and Espionage will return in stand of time challenge. More detailed religions system. And of course it will add new buildings, units, and civilizations. So far, so good. Civilization V had gived big changes in Sid Meier's Civilization series, including it next expansion pack: Gods & Kings. The Civilization is become nicer.

    Im so happy too, that they will add new civilizations that never playabled in previous Civ series, that is Hunnic and Sweden (and Polynesia too.), that is the most very good news for me.

    Big proud, but i little dissapointed. With the Civilization V is become nicer, why it not add Zulus on it, i've been waite…

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  • Thomas68

    Simon Bolivar

    June 12, 2012 by Thomas68

    Simon Bolivar was one of the greatest General in the world, he succesfully liberated many South America nations and builded the Gran Colombia.


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  • Thomas68

    Majapahit in Civ V

    March 13, 2012 by Thomas68

    Majapahit was a largest the most powerful kingdom in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. Majapahit was based on the the island of Java, their capital city was Trowulan(today Mojokerto), the empire was founded by Raden Wijaya(And became the first king) in AD 1293.

    Time by time, during Tribhuwana's rule, with help of Prime Minister named Gadjah Mada, Majapahit Empire grew much large and more powerful, conquered many kingdoms in Indonesia, she ruled Majapahit until the death of her mother in AD 1350, then she chose her son named Hayam Wuruk to became the next leader.

    Hayam Wuruk ruled Majapahit from AD 1350 into AD 1389, under his reign, Majapahit had reached the Golden Age with help of Gadjah Mada. Under Gadjah Mada's command, Majapahit c…

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