Proud and little disappointed, the Sweden and Zulu

!(Sorry for the bad grammars)!

The first Civ V Expansion Pack is almost release, the good news said that the Religion and Espionage will return in stand of time challenge. More detailed religions system. And of course it will add new buildings, units, and civilizations. So far, so good. Civilization V had gived big changes in Sid Meier's Civilization series, including it next expansion pack: Gods & Kings. The Civilization is become nicer.

Im so happy too, that they will add new civilizations that never playabled in previous Civ series, that is Hunnic and Sweden (and Polynesia too.), that is the most very good news for me.

Big proud, but i little dissapointed. With the Civilization V is become nicer, why it not add Zulus on it, i've been waited for two years for Zulus, previously i thought that Zulus will be DLC, after the Gods & Kings teaser came out, i had wished to add Zulus on it. But there is no Zulus.

You know, the Zulus is like a part of 'family' in Civilization series. from Civ I into IV, Revolution too, Shaka (Zulus) is always there, beside popular civs as America, England, Germany, etc, Zulus is among part of them(always). Anyway the Zulus is also represented the 'pure' African Culture, with the popular leader: Shaka.

I had visited many websites, i founded that many Sid Meier'sCivilization fans writed about: 'missing Zulus' or 'miss to play as Zulus'. Why miss?, because the Zulus had become the part of family of Sid Meier's Civilization series. But it right, i feel missing, because the Civilization V is missing that important 'part'.

But it don't make me stop hoping. Im sure that they will add Zulus as DLC, or in next Expansion Pack if planned. Soon. If you too are 'miss to play as Zulus', please don't stop hoping. If you really wanted Zulus in this good game.