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KwaBulawayo / Bulawayo


> Impi (Spearman )

Cost : 56

Strength : 11

Movement : 3

Require : Bronze Working

A fast Spearman. Extra +1 Movement and have ability to ignore terrain movement cost. Can move after attacking, so they have a (little) chance to runaway.

Figure out that Impi don't have any bonuses on Strength, but on "Agility", the Impi can fooled any enemy unit while in forest or hill, make it difficult to chase them in those terrains.

> Umpakati (Archer )

Cost : 70

Strength : 8

Movement : 2

Range Strength : 7

Range : 2

Require : Archery

It javelin-throwing unit like Pakal's Atlatlist. But this one is more powerful, have more Non-Ranged strength than archer, so it can't be easily killed.



Shaka Reform :

Gain +20% Strength for all land non-ranged unit vs enemy unit that is more advanced than your. Have 50% chance after your unit succesfully killed them, your unit will automatically upgraded. Unit upgrade are 25% cheaper.****

        • Do you understand? i can't write perfectly it in English :)

For example your Spearman(Impi) met enemies Pikeman. Because the Spearman and Pikeman have different "level" but it same type (because the Pikeman is upgraded version of Spearman) so your Spearman gain +20% strength versus it (You see that Pikeman are stronger, try to make them weaker first). If you successfully killed it, your Spearman will automatically upgraded into Pikeman. Remember = 50% CHANCE.

How about Warrior vs Pikeman? Do they will upgraded into Pikeman?

No, the battle is must between different "level" and same type. The bonus +20% strength is still activated, but the free upgrade are not activated. LongSwordman and Musketman can freely upgraded into Rifleman, because both unit in future are upgrade into Rifleman too.

And Knight vs Rifleman?

Rifleman is in advanced era than Knight so the bonus strength is activated. Not the free upgrade.

How about Warrior vs Swordman if i don't have Iron?

Yes, they will upgraded, they took their armors and swords

How about Pikeman vs Lancer if i don't have horse?

Yes, they will upgraded, they took their horses.

How about Spearman vs Lancer? 2 levels more advance

Yes, that can do.

How about Warrior vs Mechanized Infantry? More and more advanced

Of course, yes, if you sure you won and have the good chance.

Well, that's all, it kind of wacky ability for Zulu Empire.






I Wish Zulus come with South African War Scenario

because South Africa, just for fun i write some stats for BOERS OR AFRIKAANS EMPIRE an Zulus rivals than the English.



Paul Kruger



> UU :

Commando (Rifleman)


Ras Cannon (Cannon)

> UB : None

> UA :

Boer Artillery War

Artillery or Siege Unit cost are 20% cheaper. Those unit have bonus +1 Range. And no longer lose movement when preparing into Attack mode or Move mode.