Because I'm a moron, I've created some problems I can't delete without being an admin. It's almost exclusively images that I uploaded with the wrong name, though there are a few other things:


  • Module:Paramtest (I stole this from another Wikia; nothing on this Wikia needs it to run. I don't have the powers to complete the project it was a part of, nor do I yet have the knowledge.)
  • Module:Governments (Part of the project I cannot currently complete)
  • Template:Governments (Another bit)


Sorry for making so many, I forgot that the file naming system won't be able to use stuff unless it's not got "pantheon" in the name.

Also this is misnamed; "culture" instead of "cultural". It can be deleted as well.

Anyway, if anyone with deleting powers should happen to see this page, I'd be grateful if they could clean up my messes. In the event that my dunderheadedness goes unnoticed, I'll fix them if/when I can.

Xanthos 19:21, April 18, 2018 (UTC)