Civ6 release schedule

ZeroOne October 17, 2016 User blog:ZeroOne
Civilization 6 release schedule

The release schedule

Civilization VI can now be downloaded from Steam if you pre-ordered it! That way the game is ready to be played the minute it's unlocked on Friday! The unlock schedule looks like this:

  • Zone 1, the blue zone in the map (roughly the area from Australia to India), unlocks at 3 am AEDT.
  • Zone 2, the green zone (Europe, Asia, Africa), unlocks at 12 am UTC+1
  • Zone 3, the red zone (North & South America), unlocks at 12 am ET

Firaxis also released the launch trailer today, check it out below!

Civilization VI Launch Trailer02:45

Civilization VI Launch Trailer

The Civilization VI launch trailer

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