Dear internets! A while back the Humble Bundle organized a Humble Sid Meier Bundle from where I acquired some Sid Meier games that I didn't already have, as well as extra copies of Civilization V, Civilization V: Gods and Kings and Civilization V: Brave New World. So as I already have the aforementioned game and the DLCs, I've decided to just give them away. Let's make it simple: first come, first served. In the comments section of this post, shout the name of the game or DLC that you want, and be the first one to do so, and I'll send you a Steam gift code for it within the next day or two.

So, up for grabs:

  • Civilization V
  • Civilization V: Gods and Kings
  • Civilization V: Brave New World

Who wants what? To spread the joy, I'll distribute these to three different people, so don't expect to get both the game and a DLC, or both DLCs. Just one item per person. For the fastest ones. Use the comments section of this blog post, not my talk page or any other forum.

Don't whine if you didn't get anything, be happy for those who did. :) I bought the main game and the DLCs with my own money, so I don't have more than one copy of each to give out.