We have some exciting updates for the entire Civilization community! The core admin team and Wikia have been working together for the past few months to create a groundbreaking partnership with 2K Games and Firaxis. Happy to announce that this partnership is now up and running, we want to fill everyone in on what this will mean for the Civilization Wiki.

First it's important to note that the admin team here on the wiki isn't changing. We may promote some additional admins at some point, but they'll come from the community as always. The wiki will also stay welcoming to the unofficial related games such as C-evo. The 2K and Firaxis teams are being encouraged to join the community here to edit and add their knowledge. Wikia will be working to get us exclusives and assets we might not otherwise get, and we are looking at things like interviews, early access to information, etc. If you guys have any suggestions about things you think would make this partnership even more helpful, please add them in the comments below.

Additionally, you may have already noticed some changes to the main page and layout. We've also been talking with Matt and others from Wikia and trying to work on some improvements to infoboxes and pages. We're trying to ensure the best experience for everyone visiting the wiki. If there are things like that that you'd like to see worked on, you’re welcome to add them below too.

Looking forward to seeing where we can take this partnership. Help us make it amazing by giving feedback and suggestions.