It's less than two weeks until Civilization VI is released on October 21! The wiki has been stirring, new edits are raining in at an unprecedented pace! Several new and prolific editors have joined recently: in alphabetical order at least Desertmoongw, HyperdriveJ, and Lucas Am.. Welcome again! :)

Civ Cast, a Civilization VI themed podcast was launched last month, and I expect the fourth episode to be published any minute now. Interesting discussions there, check it out if you haven't yet!

Talking about discussions, our own new discussion forum was opened recently and has quickly attracted several new users! Unfortunately the posts aren't visible in Special:WikiActivity (or Special:RecentChanges, which I prefer). However, the posts are visible at the bottom of each article. So, check those too and start new topics if you feel like it!

I've also been running our Twitter and Facebook accounts. In Twitter I've ran two Civ6 polls asking people to pick the best civ out of three. The first one had Scythians win over Norway and Spain. In the second poll Russia won over Aztecs and Sumerians. The third poll is going on as I type, with about 21 hours of voting time left. :)

Finally, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally started a new article about the online Civilization Community and the different sites. The games have already been documented extensively, but as far as I know the community isn't documented well in any centralized place. It'd be cool to have articles on the other online communities, such as Civilization Fanatics Center and Apolyton. So if you know about those or any other communities, please help out. :)

So, lots of things going on. :) Keep up the good work, everyone!