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Vladimir Korovin (Civ4)
Vladimir Korovin

A leader in Civilization IV

Civilization Red Syndicate
Introduced Final Frontier
Fav. civic Slave State

Vladimir Korovin is the leader of the Red Syndicate and one of the eight playable leaders in Final Frontier.



Vladimir Korovin became the head of the Red Syndicate in 2296 AD, and led in a takeover of the planet of Crossroads in 2302. His origin is unknown, and it is debated whether he is from Crossroads itself or came from the Earth originally. His charismatic, lead-from-the-front personality and ability to talk his way out of problems saw him quickly rise through the ranks to eventually become the head of the Syndicate.

Korovin's primary aim is to acquire money. He believes that wealth can be used to obtain anything man desires in this universe, and with enough cash one can colonize any Star-System, construct any great project, or build an army mighty enough to defeat any foe. Despite being the leader of an organization with somewhat questionable motives, he is known to be very friendly and accommodating, most likely for the purposes of convincing his potential business partners to want what he wants. Korovin is willing to make any deal or back any associate... if the price is right.