The Walls is a building in Civilization Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

Units defending in a city that has built Walls receive a significant defense bonus. As a plus, Walled cities cannot be culture flipped (except by someone who has constructed the Hollywood wonder).

  • 100 Resources needed
  • Tech Required - Masonry

Civilopedia Entry Edit

Before gunpowder rendered them obsolete, many cities constructed city walls to protect against attack. City walls represented a major investment in time and materials, requiring years to complete and constant repairs to maintain their strangth and integrity. However, these walls turned the city into a fortress capable of withstanding all but the most determined attack. The development of cannon put an end to the usefulness of walls in stopping large armies.

Trivia Edit

  • The Walls of Constantinople were near impenetrable. The city was besieged dozens of times after its Creation in 300 AD, yet the city's unique position on the straits of the Bosporus made it nearly impregnable to medieval siege techniques. Only in 1453 AD, when the Ottoman ruler Mehmed II laid siege to the city, did the tides turn for Constantinople. Mehmed II was one of the earliest proponents of cannon; he used them to level the walls of Constantinople, placing the city under Turkish control, where it remains to this day.
  • Hadrian's Wall was a massive construction project undertaken by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to protect his interests in England against the brutal raids of the Scottish Picts. Begun in 122 AD, Hadrian's Wall stretches 63 miles (120km) across the breadth England.