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A major component of both Purity's and Supremacy's master plans, the Warp Gate creates a corridor of condensed space-time between two different points. In this particular case, one that leads to an unknown area on Earth. For Purity, this is the way that they will reconnect with their Sponsor and receive their assigned colonists in order to complete their colonization of the new world and save the old from stagnation, depletion, and suffocation. For Supremacy, however, this Gate is a back-door into the places of governance of every human nation still on Earth, allowing them to seize control of the planet in a bloodless victory over their fallible fleshy counterparts and assume control of mankind to guide him to a new age of safety and enlightenment. The knowledge to build either version of these Gates requires 13 affinity to be invested into the particular associated affinity and the Gate takes up an entire single tile on its own. As extremely vulnerable as a Settlement once construction begins and ends, one must be prepared for enemies to throw everything they have at the builder before committing to this Victory Condition.

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