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Attack 1
Ranged Attack 0
Defend 1
Moves 1
Vision 2
Cost 135
Required technologies


Made obsolete by

Bureaucracy, Nationalism

Other attributes


The Warrior is a unit in Civilization: Call to Power.

Unit InfoEdit

The Warrior is the weakest military unit but has excellent vision. Although skilled in hand-to-hand combat, he cannot effectively attack well-armed enemies. He does, however, provide cheap and adequate defense against other ancient military units. His weapon is a wooden club.

Historical InfoEdit

The origins of the early Warrior go back to before the Later Stone Age (Neo-Lithic period) In the Prehistoric times. Where it is theorized that the settling of disputes led to a highly ritualized form of warfare. Warfare continued for thousands of years, expanding in complexity and developing into an elaborate and organized system involving the sophisticated use of military strategy. Sun Tzu coined the Phrase "To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill."