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Warrior Code
Warrior Code (Civ3)
Requires None
Leads to Horseback Riding
Enables Archer
Obsoletes None

Some Militaristic civilizations start with this.

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Warrior Code is an Ancient Age technology.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Samurai of feudal Japan lived by a doctrine known as "Bushido", or "the way of the warrior". This code of behavior stressed such virtues as loyalty, courage, and politeness. The honor of the warrior could only be maintained if the rules of the code were followed. A similar code of behavior known as chivalry was later developed under the feudal system in medieval Europe. Although the strict adherence to both Bushido and chivalry were abandoned along with the feudal system in the 1800s, certain principals of discipline and behavior inherent in these systems can still be found in the military today.

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