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Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Centuries ago Poland was a large state and was in a union with Lithuania.

Place in scenarioEdit

Warsaw is a city in Civilization II that is part of the World War 2 scenario , part of the game when you buy it or download a recent compilation. It begins the scenario under Axis control in May 1940 just before the invasion of France. It has most of the city improvements already except factory, supermarket, and Sewer system. 


A fort was constructed on the site of today's Warsaw in the 9th century. this fort was called. Brodno. another fort was constructed called Jazdow by the 13th century. it was raided by the Mongols during there European invasions. the settledment was eventually rebuilt. by the year 1300 the settlement was named Warsaw for the first time and this has been the name ever since. from 1569-1795 it was part of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. After this was in the hands of Russia and Austria until world war one and it had Independence for 20 yearsfrom 1919 to 1939. after this it was briefly part of Nazi Germany and then after the war it became a Soviet puppet state till about January 1, 1992 from here for a few years it was independent again. and after 2004 it became part of the European union.

Poland (Civ2)

Here you see the region with Poland.