Washington is a city in Sid Meier's Civilization.


The city was founded by the American Civilization in the late 1700s AD. In the 1600s the site of Washington would have been where the Powhattan Confederacy would have been. This Tile on the World map was also the location of Jamestown, Virginia which was the first English Colony in the 13 colonies in the year 1607. However this game does not have a Native American Civilization like other Civilization Games. So this means that if you're playing as the English and you decide to colonize the tile containing Washington there's a statistical probability that when you reach this area it will not be controlled by another Civilization. But on the other hand there's a finite possibility that the Americans, Aztecs or a restarted Civ will be here as well. In November 1800 the president of the United States moved to the city and have lived in the White house ever since. Because Washington is the seat of Government this means that government projects like Women's suffrage or Manhattan Project would be located in this city as wonders in the real world.

Roman Empire (Civ1)

In this picture you can see the location for Washington. The city is colored Pink. The city is across the Atlantic Ocean from the Roman Empire.

Game playEdit

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