Weather control

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Game infoEdit

  • Advanced utility satellite. Requires Climate Control technology, 2 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum and 1 20xTitaniumBE Titanium.
  • Improves food yield in affected tiles. Adds bonus resources.
  • Lifespan: 60 turns
  • Range: 1 tile


The Weather Controller satellite is the product of advanced physical research into the climate of this new planet. It is not only able to control the weather patterns so that the affected zone becomes more fertile, but sometimes it is actually able to 'dig out' hidden resources to the surface, bringing your colony additional economical advantage. Use it whenever you can!

Weather Controllers only produce resources on unimproved tiles. Farms and mines and other resources count as improvements, however roads, mag rails, units, forests and miasma do not.

If you have the production available is often more profitable to deorbit and replace your Weather Controller immediately after its first resource is created. This leads to more resources created over time.

Extended orbital unit bonuses such as the Slavs passive (20% extra orbital time) and the Superior Engineering Industry virtue do not effect the rate or the number of resources generated by the Weather Controller. Even with the bonuses, the satellite will only make 1-2 resources within its first 60 turns of existence. After 60 turns it will not create any resources. This makes those bonuses useless when you're trying to maximize the number of resources generated.