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A wonder is a mega-building, usually inspired by a real-world building or landmark, which may be unique in the world and provides potent bonuses to a civilization. All Wonders are inspired by, and named after, famous real world buildings. Wonders are the spectacular buildings, inventions, and concepts that have stood the test of time and changed the world forever. Wonders require time, energy, and effort to complete, but once constructed, they provide your civilization with many benefits.

Civilization VI adds a new feature that allows you to watch a wonder being constructed on the map in less than a minute.

Building a Wonder Edit

Building a World Wonder is an important achievement for a civilization. Each specific Wonder may exist only once in the whole world, so their construction is in fact a race between civilizations. Each player should plan their progression well if they want to be able to build the Wonder they covet!

In relation to previous games, Civilization VI adds a revolutionary new feature: Wonders are now constructed not inside a city (that is, on the city tile), but on a separate tile near a city (like a Planetary Wonder in Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth). What's more, there are now a slew of specific requirements for almost all Wonders, which could encompass terrain type, adjacency, or other game elements. Finally, many Wonders are now unlocked via the new Civics tree, instead of the normal tech tree.

With these new mechanics it becomes much more difficult to construct Wonders because, depending on their specific starting location and available nearby terrain, as well of their general development, players will have access to far fewer Wonders than before. We can expect to see much more strategy-specific Wonder construction, where each particular civilization will construct only Wonders which suit their overall strategy and/or terrain availability.

Wonders list Edit

Wonder Tech/or Civic Requirement Yield Bonus Tile Requirement
Alhambra Castles +2 Amenities6 Amenities

+1 General6 Great General point per turn

+1 Military policy slot

Provides the same defensive bonuses as the Fort improvement

Must be built on Hills adjacent to an Encampment district
Big Ben Economics +6 Civ6 30x gold Gold

+3 Merchant6 Great Merchant points per turn

+1 Economic policy slot

Doubles current treasury

Must be built next to a River adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Bank
Bolshoi Theatre Opera and Ballet +2 Writer6 Great Writer points per turn.

+2 Musician6 Great Musician points per turn.

+1 GreatWorkWriting6 Great Work of Writing slot.

+1 GreatWorkMusic6 Great Work of Music slot.

Awards 2 randomly-chosen free civics when completed. Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Theater Square district.
Broadway Mass Media Gain a free random Atomic Era civic boost On flat land next to a theatre district
Chichen Itza Guilds +2 Culture and +1 Production to all Rainforest Tiles for this city Must be built on Rainforest
Colosseum Games and Recreation +1 Culture, +1 Amenity +1 Amenity and +1 Culture for all cities. Must be built on flat land adjacent to an Entertainment Complex district.
Colossus Shipbuilding Grants a Trader unit. Must be built on coast and adjacent to a harbor district.
Cristo Redentor Mass Media +4 Civ6 24x culture Culture Tourism6 Tourism output from Relic6 Relics and Holy Cities is not diminished by other civilizations who have researched The Enlightenment civic.

Doubles Tourism6 Tourism output of Seaside Resorts across your civilization.

Must be built on Hills.
Eiffel Tower Steel All tiles in your civilization gain +2 Appeal Must be built on flat land adjacent to City Center.
Estadio Do Maracanã Professional Sports
Forbidden City Printing +5 Culture Gain a permanent Wild Card policy slot On flat land adjacent to city center
Great Library Recorded History +2 Science, +1 Great Scientist point per turn, 2 Great Works of Writing slots Receives boost to all Ancient and Classical era technologies. Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Campus with a Library
Great Lighthouse Celestial Navigation +3 Gold, +1 Great Admiral point per turn +1 Movement for all naval units. Must be built on the coast and adjacent to a harbor district with a lighthouse
Great Pyramids Masonry +2 Culture Grants a free Builder. All Builders can build one extra improvement. Must be built on desert (including floodplains) without hills.
Great Zimbabwe Banking +5 Gold+2 Great Merchant points per turn. +1 Trade Route capacity.Your Trade Routes from this city get +2 Gold for every Bonus resource in this city's territory. Must be built adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Market and adjacent to Cattle.
Hagia Sophia Education +4 Faith, +2 Great Prophet points per turn Missionaries and Apostles can spread religion 1 extra time. Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Holy Site district, and player must have founded a religion.
Hanging Gardens Irrigation Increases Growth by 15% in all cities. Must be built next to a river.
Hermitage Natural History +3 Great Artist points per turn+4 Great Works of Art slots Must be built next to a river.
Huey Teocalli Military Tactics +1 Amenity from Entertainment for each adjacent lake tile. +1 Food and +1 Production for each Lake tile in your empire Must be built on a Lake tile adjacent to land.
Mahabodhi Temple Theology +4 Faith Grant 2 Apostles. Must be built on woods adjacent to a Holy Site district with a Temple, and player must have founded a religion.
Mont St Michel Divine Right +2 Faith, +2 Relic slots All Apostles you create gain the Martyr ability in addition to a second ability you choose normally. Must be built on Floodplains or Marsh
Oracle Mysticism +1 Culture, +1 Faith Patronage of Great People cost 25% less Faith. Districts in this city provide +2 Great Person points of their type Must be built on hills.
Oxford University Scientific Theory +3 Great Scientist points per turn, +2 Great Works of writing slots +20% Science in city, and awards 2 randomly chosen free technologies when completed. Must be built on Grasslands or Plains adjacent to a Campus district with a University.
Petra Mathematics +2 Food, +2 Gold, and +1 Production on all Desert tiles for this city (non-Floodplains) Must be built on desert or floodplains without hills.
Potala Palace Astronomy +2 Culture, +3 Faith +1 Diplomatic Policy slot Must be built on a hill adjacent to a Mountain
Ruhr Valley Industrialization +30% Production in this city, and +1 Production for each Mine and Quarry in this city. Must be built along a River adjacent to an Industrial Zone district with a Factory
Stonehenge Astrology +2 Faith Grants a free Great Prophet. Great Prophets may found a religion on Stonehenge instead of a Holy Site. Must be adjacent to Stone and on flat land.
Sydney Opera House Cultural Heritage +8 Culture+5 Great Musician points per turn

+3 Great Works of Music slots

Must be built on coast adjacent to a Harbor. Cannot be built on a lake.
Terracotta Army Construction +2 Great General points per turn All current land units gain a promotion level. All Archaeologists from the owner may enter foreign lands without Open Borders Must be built on Grassland or Plains adjacent to an Encampment district with a Barracks or Stable.
Venetian Arsenal Mass Production +2 Great Engineer Points per turn Receive a second naval unit each time you train a naval unit. Must be built adjacent to the coast and adjacent to an Industrial zone district.

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