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Work Barge
Work Barge (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance None
Required technology Planetary Survey
Yields None
Notes Tile Improvement buildable by Worker units on Coral and 20xAlgaeBE Algae resources. Provides:
The Work Barge is the common improvement for coastal resources (coral and algae). These floating work platforms are built in coastal cities and towed into place to harvest valuable resources for your use.

Technology: Planetary Survey

"Tile Improvement buildable by Worker units on Coral and Algae resources. Provides +1 Cultures for Coral and +1 Food for Algae."

Notes: Workers can now build improvements on water tiles while embarked. However, "Work Barge" is an odd name for what appears to be an offshore platform.

Note will produce 20xEnergyBE Energy instead of 20xFoodBE Food in Rising Tide