"World" is one of the predesigned maps issued with the standard download of C-evo version 1.2. At 406% size it has plenty of room for the standard number of nations (15).


It is (apart from the north-south stretch which is commonly used by mapmakers so that the isometric main map looks the same as Earth) a good representation of about one-third of the Earth: the North Temperate Zone and some Arctic, including all of mainland Alaska and Canada but cutting off some of northern Russia, and extending south to show all of Florida and Southern California. There is a canal joining the Mediterranean Sea to a very small area of the Red Sea.


Its main disadvantage is that it has no modern resources and can therefore not be used for a game that is winnable in the official manner with the building of a Spaceship.

Starting positionsEdit

It has 23 starting positions (so plenty of variety of distribution from game to game), but only two in America (one at Ottawa, the other - the "Preferred Starting Position" - next to an eastern tributary of the Mississippi). European starting positions are in Spain, France, England, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, and Italy. Others are in Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, South Korea, Japan, China, and three central Asian locations.


User:Robin Patterson has designed a variation. It:

adds the standard number of dead lands (with well-separated modern resources)
adds two more starting positions in America
gives "Preferred" status to several starting positions
tweaks a couple of dozen tiles

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