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Civ2 World War 2 Scenario

This is the Map of the world for The World war 2 scenario.

June 1940 is the start of Civ2's World War II scenario.

Picture Europe plus slices of North Africa, North America, Greenland, and east past the Caspian Sea to include the Indus valley. There are seven players: Allies, Axis, French, Neutrals, Russians, Spanish, Turks. Before any human gets a chance to play, Axis forces crash through to Paris and take the neutral Amsterdam as well.

Hardly anyone knows the secret of Advanced Flight yet, but research is faster than it looks. With one turn representing 2 months, in only 7 years a player can win lots of "Objective" cities for a result such as "Marginal Axis defeat".

The Atlantic seems peppered with submarines, so the Americans (as the western wing of the Allies faction) would be wise to produce only air units and send them by way of the existing airbases on Greenland and other islands until all Axis ports are taken.

Russia has huge productive capacity but needs roads then rail to get army units to the western front faster.

Even Spain can become top nation with a bit of luck and a substantial extension of the official closing date! See if your allies the Allies will give you Robotics; if they do, and you are on an easy level, you can fairly comfortably take France, North Africa, Italy, Turkey, and most of the Axis mainland possessions.

Turkey and the Neutrals are quite small, but if you play past the closing date, you can win with either of them. As Neutrals, try to steal as much technology as possible from the Axis (No reputation loss while at war) and build new cities in the middle east to gain a good production base. Scandinavia is not that hard to liberate once you get some units up there, and once you have that you can use it to invade the European mainland. Handy tip, if you manage to bring caravans to the US or Great Britain, the cash rewards are ridiculous and allow you to just buy entire cities.

(Numbers etc below are for "easy" level; not checked other levels)


Allies under Prime Minister ChurchillEdit

69 advances; Orange; Expansionist; 1250 gold, 97 units

Starting cities

Axis under Consul HitlerEdit

Deep blue

Starting cities

French under President Petain, who resembles GandhiEdit

64 advances; Purple; Rational, perfectionist; 0 gold, 25 units after initial defeats

Starting cities in France
  • Paris [13] with Eiffel Tower (city lost to Axis before first turn)
  • Vichy [6] (capital)
  • Marseilles [12]
  • St. Nazaire [12]
  • Strasbourg [10]
  • Cherbourg [8]
  • Bordeaux [8]
Starting cities in colonies/mandates
  • Tunis [4]
  • Algiers [7]
  • Casablanca [5]
  • Beirut [7]
  • Damascus [5]

Neutrals under Queen (whatever)Edit

57 advances; Teal; 10 units after first Axis attack, 115 gold

Starting cities
  • Amsterdam [?] (city lost to Axis before first turn)
  • Belgrade [8]
  • Stockholm [6]
  • Tehran [4]

Russians under Comrade StalinEdit

63 advances; White; Aggressive, militaristic; 900 gold, 84 units

Starting cities
  • Leningrad [14]
  • Riga [12]
  • Minsk [11]
  • Smolensk [12]
  • Odessa [6]
  • Sevastopol [8]
  • Moscow [18] (capital)
  • Sverdlovsk [15]
  • Krasnovodsk [1]
  • Astrakhan [12]
  • Grozny [11]
  • Dnepropetrovsk [7]
  • Kuibyshev [12]
  • Rostov [18]
  • Kiev [14]
  • Maikop [12]
  • Kharkov [13]
  • Stalingrad [15]
  • Kazan [7]
  • Kursk [8]
  • Magnitogorsk [14]
  • Orsk [12]
  • Murmansk [3]
  • Gorky [11]
  • Vologda [4]
  • Batum [3]
  • Voronezh [9]
  • Uralsk [9]
  • Krasnoyarsk [12]
  • Novosibirsk [10]
  • Omsk [12]

Spanish under King FrancoEdit

61 advances; Yellow; Rational, militaristic, expansionist; 84 gold, 15 units

Starting cities
  • Madrid [8] (capital)
  • Tangiers [3]
  • Lisbon [5]
  • Barcelona [5]
  • Zaragosa [4]
  • Seville [7] with Magellan's Expedition
  • Vigo [4]
  • Valencia [5]
  • Cadiz [4]

Turks under King InonuEdit

61 advances; Green; Rational, civilized, perfectionist; 50 gold, 11 units

Starting cities
  • Ankara [6] (capital)
  • Istanbul [8]
  • Izmir [3]
  • Antioch [4]
  • Kars [2]

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