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Game info Edit

  • Utility orbital unit. Unlocked at Biochemistry.
  • Attracts aliens to its orbital coverage

The Xeno Siren is a useful satellite when needing to control or kill aliens. Peacefully, one can attract aliens using a Xeno Siren to a frigid zone on the map to prevent them focusing on your cities. You can also use them in conjunction with Ultrasonic Emitters and Nanohives to slowly kill them and morbidly gain Science. They can also be used as an obstacle for enemies should you need a crude barrier to slow down an opponent's army. Try to use them early on to assist alien control.

Orbital specifications Edit

Subject Xeno Siren
Tech Prerequisites Biochemistry
Resource Cost None
Production Cost 80 20xProductionBE Production
Orbital zone radius 2
Orbital Duration 30 turns
Effect Attracts aliens to its affected area

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Xeno Siren represents a marriage of the sciences of biology and physics. It uses carefully controlled light waves outside the range of human vision to attract the alien species on this planet. Biologists conducted numerous studies regarding how best to control these creatures, and came to no conclusion; however, many of the creatures were somehow innately drawn to the Old Earth radio they were using to communicate with other outposts. Using this information, they were able to work

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