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Young Pioneers is a Level 1 Order tenet in Civilization V: Brave New World.

Game InfoEdit

+1 20xHappiness5 Local Happiness from every Workshop, Factory, and Solar/Nuclear/Hydro Plant.

Historical InfoEdit

An organization for children operated by the Party in various Communist nations, typically children entered the Young Pioneers in elementary school and continued through adolescence. The goal of the organization, loosely based on the Scouting movement found in the West, was to indoctrinate young people in the philosophy and tenets of communism and the worker's struggle, as well as teaching skills to make them better servants to the state as workers and soldiers. So successful was the Russian program that by the 1990s it had been emulated in over 30 countries; many of these programs remain in operation, from Russia itself (now the non-official "Pioneers of the Communist Party") to nations such as Cuba and Vietnam.