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The Zulus are a playable civilization in the first game. They are led by Shaka. The Zulus are replaced by the Japanese in the Super Nintendo version of the game.

On Earth, their starting location in Southern Africa gives a relatively peaceful early game, especially if the Sinai area can be secured and fortified quickly. As NPCs, the Zulus do not develop their cities or nation quickly enough to present a significant threat.

Zulu CitiesEdit

1. Zimbabwe

2. Ulundi

3. Bapedi

4. Hlobane

5. Isandhlwala

6. Intombe

7. Mpondo

8. Ngome

9. Swazi

10. Tugela

11. Umtata

12. Umfolozi

13. Ibabanago

14. Isipezi

15. Amatikulu

16. Zunquin

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S: Replaces Zulu in SNES version