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Shaka, Zulu Representative

From Start Overrun combat advantage
Ancient Age +1 Movement for Warriors
Medieval Age Rapid city growth
Industrial Age +50% Gold production
Modern Age 1/2 cost Riflemen
Unique Units Impi Warrior

The Zulu people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.

Shaka render



Era BonusesEdit

The Zulus begin the game with a greater than normal chance to overrun the enemy. What this means exactly is that the Zulus require less of an attack advantage versus the enemy defense to get the enemy to flee without fighting and potentially inflicting casualties. The Zulus need only 4x strength, rather than the usual 12x.

Ancient: Warriors have +1 Movement

Medieval: Cities are treated as having an Aqueduct-style boost to population growth

Industrial: 50% more gold is produced by cities

Modern: 1/2 price Riflemen


The Zulus are capable of any victory condition, but are slightly better at peaceful victories.

Due to the increased movement of Impi Warriors, it is within the realm of possibility to take an opposing capital within the first few turns of a game, if the enemy is caught exploring with their units and have thus left the city defenseless or very lightly defended. This will result in gaining a huge advantage, particularly if you capture a civ that starts with a bonus technology (such as Spain) This is usually necessary for Domination Victory, as explained below.

This doesn't work if the capital is generated on an island, and an alternate strategy must be developed by the player.

1/2 cost Riflemen is a significant defensive bonus to the Zulu cities.

The increased city growth and gold production are the primary Zulu upgrades.

Cities are treated as having an Aqueduct-style boost to population growth, which stacks with the bonus from the Aqueduct itself. They also receive 50% Gold production, which combines well with the medieval advantage due to the fact each city receives an Aqueduct for free once the 5000 gold mark has been reached.

Manifesting the populous cities in Wonders or Science production, supplemented by gold will lead to victory from those conditions. Obviously, a focus on producing gold will allow them to win Economic Victory.

If Attempting DominationEdit

try to get through the map as quickly as possible to avoid warriors becoming obsolete, as the +1 movement is the only offensive bonus they receive.

The benefit to Overrun is not quite as effective as the Aztecs' auto heal ability (which is useful for offense and defense), though it does mean Zulu units do not need quite as many elite upgrade bonuses to avoid frequent casualties. The problem with overrun is that it will prevent you from conquering enemy cities if you are too far ahead (overrun doesn't move your unit into the city, leaving the fleeing defender where it was).

City growth is so fast with the special ability and an Aqueduct (toggling between production and food as needed) that the Zulus can start with the intent for a domination victory (take a few combat technologies and capture 1-2 cities), then switch focus to economic, cultural, or scientific and overtake anyone with a moderate lead in those areas. This is useful If you wind up becoming too far ahead or behind to make a domination victory work.

Enemy Civ Specific Information Edit

If Madrid (the Spanish capital) is conquered quickly using the Impis, you will then be able to train a Galleon in order to seize the various powerful artifacts (the Lost City of Atlantis, Knights Templar, etc.) scattered out in the oceans (shallow and deep). This can be one of the most significant boons for the Zulus early in the game, almost always resulting in a win if it goes smoothly.

The Zulus gain the 50% Gold production ability sooner than the Aztecs, which can be a significant advantage if both civilizations are going for an economic win.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Zulu Nation is most well known outside of Africa for its defeat of the British at the Battle of Isandlwana, the worst defeat the British Army has suffered at the hands of native forces. The Zulu won through overwhelming numbers and strategic blunders by the British, setting the basis for the Overrun Bonus, as well as the Rapid City Growth bonus.


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